Gianluca Livi is the co-founder of  Anno Mundi, he released with the band 2 albums and one cd as independent  issues, distributed by BTF/Earshock, along with being part of compilations “Kissed By Kiss” and “Metal Years”, published by Celtic Moon Records and Ace Records respectively.

Set apart the 70s hard rock mood, very close to early Black Sabbath, this new issue is more prone to crossover, between sperimentalism and ambient music, inspired by some Peter Gabriel instrumental tracks, the enigmatic side of Tangerine Dream, the multi-layerism of frippertronics.

Livi’s today approach is free and visionary, sometims provocatory, allucinating, with a trait of revolutionary intimism, and with a very measured presence of its own instrument, the drums, while opting for electronic percussive devices as well as  noise studio devices and effects.

Livi’s artistic goals were in the target thanks to the mastership of Stefano Pontani, eclectic guitar-man, formerly player with prestige prog and fusion bands as Ezra Wisnton, VU-Meters, Anagramma (Hailed as one of the most influential Italian prog bands of the 1980’s, Ezra Winston took a variety of styles and became a melting pot for all sorts of colors and emotions in music), as well as soundtracks (Matilda Mothers Project,  “L’ultima lezione”,  awarded of Golden Globe Award).