Electro-Folk Legends From Contemporary Tribes


Bewteen Lands is a project that aims to highlight the relevance of some of the ideas of the avant garde sound of 900, with an emphasis on the provocations of John Cage, the search for Berio and Stockhausen, idm and ambient music.

Some formal elements emerged during musical experiments in  50s and 60s find new spaces in the popular electronic music, which uses them in the forms of the glitch and ambient music.

BEWTEEN LANDS explores the complementarity between the language of the historical avant-garde, folk, ethnic and new electronic music.
The Project founded by members of Entropia (electronic band) and eclectic singer Debora Longini with the percussionist Ivan Macera.



Debora Longini: voices, vocal effects

Ivan Macera: percussives

Dr.Lops: analog and virtual synthesizers, keyboards

Amptek Alex Marenga: guitars, guitar-synth, laptop