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  • Entropia Live in Ronicglione

    Il video del live della scorsa estate di Entropia a Ronciglione (VT&) https://youtu.be/nEVelK4Egbo

  • Entropia & Nuda Vox new e.p.

    DATA DI LANCIO 2021-10-25ETICHETTA Eclectic ProductionsCATALOGO 10206647 A music between ambient and electroacoustic experimentation that comes from the collaboration between the electronic duo Entropia and the vocalist Laura Desideri on lyrics by Roberto Rosati. Four surreal and introspective electronic songs.

  • PSYCHOVIRUS is AMPTEK’s new album

    https://eclecticproductions.bandcamp.com/album/psychovirus Concept album conceived during the first lockdown in Italy in March 2020.The title of the work refers to the author's vision of the pandemic as a virus existing on the biological profile but at the same time also in mass psychology.For the first time [...]

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