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Amptek & Dr.Lops suoneranno live @ Tim Open Hackathon che si terrà a Milano il 4 e 5 Novembre prossimo.  

an interview to Amptek and Gianluca Livi

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An interview to Alex Marenga aka Amptek and Gianluca Livi  for magazine "The Modulator Records"  

Out Sept. 30, only on our Bandcamp page: Amptek ” A Collection of Summer Hits”

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A collection of classic electronic tracks by Amptek from 1997 to now. Electro, ambient, breakbeat, experimental music composed and performed by Alex Marenga with his original and unmistakable style. Only in digital download on our Bandcamp [...]

out November 7th, Entropia: “October is Coming” an electronic trip inside “Ten Days that Shook the World”

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Between February and October 1917, in the Russian Empire, devastated by the World War, epochal changes occurred that influenced all the countries of the earth. Once again, a revolution had questioned all the political and [...]

Out October 10: Alex Marenga “Music For Augmented Guitars”

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The electric guitar like an oscillator. A sound journey into guitar processed with modular synthesys and granular software. A "glitchology" of guitar possibilities in the digital age. Another release for Eclectic "Artist Series", portraits of [...]

“The man in the movie camera” music by Entropia, first public screening

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Announcing proudly that "The man in the movie camera" film will have its first public screening at the 38th International Cinematographer Film Festival Manaki Brothers in Bitola, Republic of Makedonia, the 27th of September at 10pm [...]