out today Eclectic Productions new single by Wavescut: The Knot

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The Knot is a track of electronic music will be replay with different styles by various artists. This experiment goes beyond the genre or style tags, underlining the production itself rather than a specific kind [...]

new Eclectic Digital Codec Release!! DJ Surgeles

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Alkmaar's phenomenal DJ Surgeles makes his debut on Eclectic Digital Codec, the digital daughter label of the mighty Eclectic, with his stunning 4-tracker ''Cosmos Adventurer EP''. Jeff Mills plays Eclectic digital codec 01 - Dj [...]


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out now!!   the new ENTROPIA live album recorded in may 2015 on two tracks digital recorder (no overdubs) at Rampa Prenestina in Rome (Italy) for Electric Cirkus festival.  

new e.p. “3 Pop Songs” by Kinetic Zone out now!

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Three new electronic songs by Kinetic Zone on this e.p.. A crossover bewteen breakbeat, ambient, downtempo, electro with digital vocals themes.  A sort of glitched pop! Buy It !!      

Bez Yorke new album “Pleonasm” is out!!!

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A collection of tracks by Bez Yorke, bassist, singer and producer. A creative electronic artist from Rome!!! Many influences for this new tracks: psychedelia, breakbeat, ambient, IDM. new video by Bez from "Pleonasm", "Sister" [...]

first release by Eclectic Limited is out!!

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Eclectic Limited 001, the first e.p. by our only-vinyl sub-label is out in music shops and in best e-commerce sites. Eclectic Limited is a new label of Eclectic production focused on a limited circulation of [...]