released April 25, 2019 

Alex Marenga: Fender and Godin guitars, Dobro, noises, guitar-synthesizer, sound direction. 

cover art by Alex Marenga

1. Odissey pt.1 06:53
2. Odissey pt.2 06:22
3. Materia 08:52
4. Burri 04:43
5. Concetto Spaziale 04:32
6. Posizioni nel Tempo pt.3 08:54
7. Disturbing the Peace 04:51
8. The Sound is Here 04:54

Materia is a collection of experimental tracks played by interacting the electric guitar with electronic and digital devices. The project is inserted in the framework of the discs for “augmented guitars”, where with this term we indicate the uses of the guitar enhanced by the interaction with the digital technologies. 
In this research, Alex Marenga explores the possible analog sound applications of the guitar processed with digital effects, with the laptop and with Eurorack modular effects and the possibility of using the instrument as a MIDI controller. 
At the formal level he uses these sound technologies to generate sound environments, glitches, noise layers, loops, granular synthesis in a sound journey that transports in the maze of contemporary experimental music. 
The concept of the realization of the tracks refers to the contemporary art to its use of space and matter, as dynamic compositive elements. The author also focuses on the artistic gesture and the movement of sound within the perceptual space offered by digital support. In particular there are tributes to the works of Alberto Burri, Lucio Fontana and Marina Abramovich.