released March 25, 2019 

Laura Desideri: vocals, filtered voices 
Luca Gallo: electric and resophonic guitars 
“Amptek” Alex Marenga: drum machines, samples, synths, theremini, noises 
Dr.Lops: keyboards, analog synthesizers, organ 
Elisabetta Maulo: vocals on “The Ohio Bridge”

1. The Clever Hounds 04:39
2. The Level 06:48
3. The Boy Commander 08:28
4. Mountain Road 06:34
5. The Ohio Bridge 05:13
6. Oh, it Hurts! 07:12
7. Chemical Blues 04:35
8. Home 05:09
9. The Exorcism of Jessie James 08:02
10. Liberation Blues 07:08
11. My Babe (free download/bonus track) 04:34

Digital Bluesman contains a series of original compositions and a re-elaboration of a song by other authors developed by the Electronic Blues Foundation hyper-contamination project. 
Blues sounds, closer to the African and modal root, cross with the technological sound in a logic of hybridization that recovers the spirit of Detroit electro-techno and the European electronics. 
Splinters of spirituals, Delta blues, Afro-beats intersect with glitches and synthesized sounds thanks also to the use of samples and recontextualized loops. 

The formation sees the coexistence of two historical producers of the Italian electronic scene (Amptek and Dr. Lops of Entropia/Eclectic Productions) with an extraordinary vocalist and a guitar in balance between tradition and new sounds. 

The songs range from the Afro-psychedelic sound of “Liberation Blues”; to the Groove Electro-Clash of “The Clever Hounds”;. 
They cross the Afro-glitch modal atmospheres of “The Level”; to get to real mini-suites that weld complex and articulated fragments as in “Oh It Hurts”. 
The cover track on the disc is “Home”, a song already proposed by Janiva Magness, and that here finds a new reformulation with electro sound parameters. Guest in the song “The Ohio Bridge” is the extraordinary singer Elisabetta Maulo from “Betta Blues Society”