The Metaphysical Box’s album “Shamans of the Soundscapes” will be released online on November 22.
The project that explores meditative and introspective sounds and dimensions through the possibilities of electro-acoustic improvisation.

The album, produced by Amptek and Gianluca Bacconi, contains material recorded live in August 2019 within the Park of Martignano and Bracciano in the hills next to the two lakes.
Music recalls the relationship between nature and technology in which the two worlds are in a symbiotic relationship.

Line up:

Mauro Tiberi: bass, vocals
Alex Marenga: augmented guitars, synths
Gianluca Bacconi: keyboards, samples
Dr.Lops; keyboards, synths

Recorded live in august 2019, Martignano Lake Hills, Italy
Produced by Amptek and Gianluca Bacconi.


  1. The Spirits of the Lakes part 1 (Invocation)
  2. The Spirits of the Lakes part 2 (Celebration)
  3. The Body Elemental
  4. The Guardians of Mother Earth