Concept album conceived during the first lockdown in Italy in March 2020.
The title of the work refers to the author’s vision of the pandemic as a virus existing on the biological profile but at the same time also in mass psychology.
For the first time in history, a collective mechanism has been triggered due to the current conformation of the global media society that has generated a myriad of subjective representations of reality.
In this frame the songs of “Psychovirus” were composed.
An introspective and reflective electronic music that moves on broken rhythms and abstract backdrops, always poised between experimentation and “post-techno” aesthetics.
Amptek reworks its pads and harmonies, inspired by the heritage of the Italian soundtrack, within a perimeter in which various components and influences merge using a mix of virtual, analog and modular synth instrumentation.
Percussive joints and altered chords, melodic sequences encapsulated on digital pads, mosaics of synthetic samples and timbres, spatialized manipulations of sounds and wide ambient landscapes make up the sound journey proposed by “Psychovirus”.


electronic project by Alex Marenga since 1997. Producer, videomaker and radio author he has made dozens of albums with various acronyms and with transversal collaborations.
He has created music for cinema and TV, dance and theater, performances and contemporary art installations.