The electric guitar like an oscillator. A sound journey into guitar processed with modular synthesys and granular software. A “glitchology” of guitar possibilities in the digital age. Another release for Eclectic “Artist Series”, portraits of composers.

Alex Marenga, producer and author, guitarist and experimentator, has been active various electronic and electro-acoustic  projects such as Amptek or with Entropia collective.
Eclectic Productions publishes this album which contains Electronics music for prepared and electronically treated guitars.
His experimentation employs electric guitar in new sound dimensions with the use of technological equipment. Alex Marenga, a Luigi Russolo‘s futuristm scholar uses noise and sound as materials to assemble his music.
These tracks are abstract paintings of a dissonant present, digitized portraits of a transforming world, uneasiness of a polluted society, a glimpse into a dissolving culture.
An attempt to draw sums on the role of an iconic instrument of the post-industrial world at a new historical stage.