A suggestive journey in the experiments of composer Giuliano Palmieri.
Imaginary pathways that lead into visionary landscapes, an exploration in the sounds of electro-acoustic sound.  Another release for Eclectic “Artist Series”.

Giuliano Palmieri
After studying at the Conservatory of Music in Genoa, he attended electronic music at the Conservatory of Venice until his diploma, electronic music at the Conservatory of Alexandria, he attended the fine arts courses at the Conservatory in Alexandria, Padua University, Real Time Real Time Signal Processing Techniques (Bertinoro’s High School Improvement Courses), Sound Amplification of Symphonic Music, Alexandria Conservatory, Programming Languages ​​for Live Electronics.

Founder and chair of soundcage (www.soundcage.it) company active in the production of interactive gesture / sound events, born around his 1994 patent.

He was the artistic director of the DIST (University of Genoa), one of the founders of the CUT (University Theater Theater) and a collaborator of the Bontempi Group’s IRIS research institute, directed by Giuseppe Di Giugno.

For years he has been active in the field of composition and teaching.

He has participated in important festivals such as Avignon (music and dance), Edinburgh, Ventimiglia (theater and music), Genoa (poetry and music festival), Polverigi, Porretta Terme

Track listing:

Tango Viola
Impressione Tornata
Impressione Fuggita

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