3Points it’s a connection of three minds aiming to a common target: the constant research in sound of new electronic and electroacoustic timbres and textures in order to achieve experimental and atmospheric soundscapes, featuring both dreamy and vigorous characters.

Amsterdam based, 3Points is formed by Carlo Micali (a.k.a. Kenny Dahl, Eclectic Limited techno label founder), Stefano Messina (a.k.a. MoutsAnimi) and Lorenzo Mirra (a.k.a I // O).

Coming from different backgrounds they got bounded by the need of explore scheme-less expressions in music which brought them on the same creative path.

the album:

Organismic is the first project released from 3Points.

All tracks comes from live studio improvisations, as frames captured in moments in which creative minds resonate together, acting as one unite organism expressing a free flux of feelings in which the listeners can dive weightless and subjectively sense their own emotions.