Preceduto dall’e.p. “The Mechanized EP” contenente tre inediti e una versione remixata di “Introspection” è uscito il nuovo album di Entropia.
Una serie di brani ispirati al cinema sperimentale in cui convergono varie influenze musicali.

1. Parabola 08:56
2. Introspection 06:12
3. Meditation of the Water 12:34
4. Bad Burns 05:36
5. Light Rhythms 05:17
6. Rainshadow 07:26
7. Lens 04:23
8. Spirals 03:02
9. Optical Poem 06:17
10. The Skyscrapers Symphonic Party 11:28

A collection of tracks inspired by surrealist cinema and that was born as a soundtrack of some experimental films.
The group experiences different synergies and contaminations that cross styles and that are made cohesive by the use of electronics.
The influences that converge are many, from Italian soundtrack to glitch music, from experimental jazz to kraut rock.

Alex Marenga – guitars, synths, drum machines, samples
Dr.Lops – synths, keyboards, samples
Debora Longini – vocals
Emiliano Cappelli – electric bass
Davide Pentassuglia – drums on “Rainshadow”
Daniele Pomo – drums on “Optical Poem” and “Light Rhythms”