Eclectic Productions , Mauro Tiberi productions , XX + XY visuals and sound art project and Glacial Movements Records present “Movements”  review of sound movements and interactions of arts.

Electro-acoustic music , contamination , ambient, contemporary dance , video -art  for three days of music at  Teatro  Tordinona  May 30 and 31 , June 1, 2013

Players and artists :  Christia Muela in Didjestivo sound set,  Netherworld presents “Alchemy of Ice”

(Glacial Movements Records) with xx+xy visuals, Mauro Tiberi C.O.D. (Complete Open Druna)

Ugo Vantini, Ivan Macera: percussives, Entropia presents  “The Rebirth of Western Civilization”

coreography, visuals by Valentina Buffone