1. Spirit of the Times 04:52
2. The End of the History 08:44
3. Catastrofi Annunciate 07:05
4. Mentalism 05:03
5. Digital Witchcraft 05:25
6. Psychotronic Guitars 06:04
7. Zona Franca 05:28
8. La Creazione del Vuoto 05:05
9. Materica 07:21
10. The End of the History Blues 08:16
11. Two Deserts in China 02:21

a new concept album made using the electronic manipulations of the guitar sound. A work written during the lockdown inspired by the contradictions that exploded in the world during this controversial period. Medieval legends and beliefs about the web, science as opposed to witchcraft, the world pervaded by riots and clashes, the industrial revolutions that shake nature.

released March 12, 2021

Alex Marenga plays guitars, bass, synths, samples, sound design