1. Plusvalore (Age of Industrialization Version) 05:39
2. Capitalism in Meltdown 06:00
3. Poverty of Philosophy 07:28
4. Plusvalore pt.2 (About the Crisis Version) 04:35
5. Turbocapitalism Continuum 07:36
6. Do You Remember Revolution? 04:18
7. Cybermarxism 03:48
8. Alienation 08:00
9. Dynamics of Dialectical Materialism 06:32

A series of electronic tracks that move through the pulsating grooves of electronic drums towards timbric explorations.
A work dedicated to Marx as a visionary, able to decipher the complexities of our society also through the developments of technology and the restructuring of capitalism.
The soundtrack of an Marxism projected into the future