1. Spirits of the Lakes, Pt 1 (Invocation) 14:54
2 Spirits of the Lake, Pt 2 (Celebration) 21:44
3. The Body Elemental 10:22
4. The Guardians of Mother Earth 09:35

In this album The Metaphysical Box explores meditative and introspective sounds and dimensions through the possibilities of electro-acoustic improvisation.
Music recalls the relationship between nature and technology in which the two worlds are in a symbiotic relationship.

released November 22, 2019

Mauro Tiberi: bass, double-bass, voice, tools
Alex Marenga: guitars, sequencers, toys, synths, visuals
Gianluca Bacconi: keyboards, synths, samplers
Dr.Lops: keyboards, synths, samplers

music composed by Bacconi/Lops/Marenga/Tiberi

produced by Amptek & Gianluca Bacconi

recorded live in august 2019 in Bracciano and Martignano Regional Park.