Silent Chaos



The Silent Chaos music on “micro” is the evocation of archetypes buried in the collective unconscious, shown in a new intellectually (the manner of Plotinus) emotional light.

The use of electronic tools, such as modular synthesizer, sequencer and battery pad that controls loops and samples, offers to Silent Chaos a wide sound palette, from which Silent Chaos draw to define the personal stylistic framework.

Each composition determines a special universe in which crop up echoes of concrete music, choirs, tribal sounds, noise and ambient, in sound experiments that envelop and surprise even those not accustomed to listening to these genres.

The album micro” is the mature fruit of a year of multimedia concerts, theater and radio performances, rehearsals and recording sessions, which through felt and suffered selections, it finally reveals a pleasant surprise even for the artists themselves and It expresses the maximum potential amount of the intuitions of the moment, chosen to represent the best of their research work.

Listening to “micro” demands special attention, to immerse deeply in the particular atmosphere of each song evoked by the musicians; an attention that has been lost in this era of rapid artistic consumption, and against which the Silent Chaos are fighting, offering another vision of the moment that anyone, if he wants, can gaze into and share.

Track list:

1 Odysseus’s journey 11’57”

2 Ab Origenes 10’40”

3 Technological monk 07’59”

4 Insania 05’36”

5 Eleusi 12’06”

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