this album was written during the first lockdown in 2020 in absolute confinement by observing the outside world through the media.
The impression I had is that the pandemic has concerned the spread of a virus that has affected the bodies and one that has affected the minds generating the most disparate representations of the events that have affected us.
An introspective and meditative record, rarefied and fragmented atmospheres.

released September 18, 2021

Amptek plays synthesizers, guitar-synth, drum machine, computer editing

1.Collapse of Reason 04:20
2.Time Windows (extra time version) 04:39
3.The Thousand Truths 06:03
4.False Positive (variant version) 07:42
5.Extinction Event 05:56
6.Mind Lockdown 05:20
7.Another Daydream 04:53
8.Isolationism 06:36
9.Pandemica 07:03