Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Ambient
Released: 2015
Format: album, CD


1 Ritual 4:55
2 Rebirth 4:03
3 Between Lands 7:36
4 Awakening 4:17
5 At the Tip of the Ice 8:22
6 Upward 4:16
7 Ancestor 10:25
8 Reminiscences 4:27
9 Cage Against the Machines 14:33 (live)*


Debora Longini: voices, vocal effects

Ivan Macera: percussives

Dr.Lops: analog and virtual synthesizers, keyboards

Amptek Alex Marenga: guitars, guitar-synth, laptop

*recorded live @ Teatro Il Cantiere, Rome, 2014

mixed by Amptek

atrwork by Debora Longini


A journey through surreal atmospheres and hypnotic rhythms , psychedelia and experimentation, broken rhythms and drones. A Project by Entropia with vocalist Debora Longini and percussionist Ivan Macera