The Eclectic Digidelic & Experimental Travels in the Surrealistic Universe. The original eletro-acoustic soundtracks of the surrrealistic classic movies composed and performed by Entropia .

Genre: Electronic: Ambient
Release Date: 2011
catalog: e[CDR(025)]
format: album


1. Ballet Mecanique 15:59
2. Back to the Reason 2:53
3. Sea Star 15:39
4. Entr’acte 20:18
5. Anemic Cinema 6:50


ECLECTIC SURREALISM was released as a soundtrack for some classic surrealistic motion pictures. This is the first chapter of a work about the connection between electronic music and digital culture and the aesthetic vision in the art of historical avantgardes.
The album itself featured ambient soundscapes, space jazz, and electro grooves.


The line-up is:
Amptek Alex Marenga: computer programming, synths, guitars
Dr. Lops: synthesizers, samples
Emiliano Cappelli: electric and filtered basses
Biagio Orlandi: saxes
Marco Micheli aka MikMak: electronic percussion on track “Ballet Mecanique”