Tym is Filippo Faleri, born as a drummer, starts playing at 12 years old and plays for several years in progressive, jazz and punk rock bands, releasing an album on 2013 with the band “Globage”.

At the same time, beginning in 2013 at age 20, he became interested in electronic music, buying his first synthesizer and drum machine. Taking inspiration from his favorite electronic artists such Aphex Twin, Robert Henke, The Flashbulb, Vladislav Delay he begin to produce his own music.


His live sets are completely based on improvisation on drum machines, synths and modular and he likes to play both ambient or drone music, both techno and acid techno according to the situation and the place.

Usually playing ambient sets with Mut0 Project, with the trumpeter Giovanni Bologni.

In May 2015 he went playing techno in Berlin’s club “R19” guest of Berlinafurtechno label with Giorgio Cerrato a.k.a. “EXSIDERURGICA”.

After two years of sound experiments and study of synthesizers, he completes his first album called “One Year In Rome”, and he’s going to release it with Eclectic Productions.

TYM is also releasing the EP “Peripetheia” in July for Ephedrina Net-label.