Alex Marenga, producer, musician and radio opinion maker, is one of the leaders of the Entropia project and the Entropia Techno Department. Starting from historical experiences with the Italian underground music of the 80’s and 90’s, in 1997 he published the EP “Narcos”, produced by Nature Records. In the last 18 years he produced more than 20 albums and EPs with his project “Amptek”.

Entropia is an eclectic combo founded by Alex Marenga & Dr. Lops in 1996 and produces performances and works in which different fields of possible contaminations and interactions within electronic experimental ambient music and different forms of music and multimedia art are being explored.
In 2014, Ugo Vantini joined Entropia. Ugo is one of the most important drummers in Italy due to his significant experience as a musician, composer and sound engineer. Since the 90’s he is covering an important role in the progressive rock scenario. Now he is the “bit machine” of Entropia.

Entropia as a holistic project focuses on the collaboration between artists of various disciplines, in order to invent and define new schemes for the development of multidimensional shows.

Entropia has recorded soundtracks and original musics for short & feature films, theater & ballet companies and for documentaries.

Over the last ten years Entropia have collaborated with famous artists such as Michael Rosen, John B. Arnold, Maurizio Giammarco, Nicola Alesini, Angelina Yershova, Electric Indigo and many others.

Alex Marenga began experimenting with guitar-synth from the second half of the ‘80s and uses YRG both with Entropia and in his solo projects.

Photo credit: Gerald Bruneau



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