Electronic Blues Foundation: “Digital Bluesman” new album 2019

Eclectic is pleased to announce the release on all music e-commerce sites in software format and soon in audio CD of the album "Digital Bluesman" of Electronic Blues Foundation.The project, produced by Entropia, aims to recontextualise thesounds of the Blues through a technological point of view. In addition to Amptek and Dr. Lops by Entropia take part in the work vocalist Laura Desideri, the guitarist Luca Gallo as guest the singer Elisabetta Maulo . [...]

E70 – Entropia – A Young Person’s Guide to Entropia

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20 Years of ENTROPIA’s music: A Young Person’s Guide to Entropia

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E68 (e.p.) – Entropia: October Remixed

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new video from “October is Coming” by Entropia: The Winter Palace in October


Recensione di rythmes-croises.org su Entropia

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Nov. 7th New Entropia album “October is Coming”

The new Entropia album devoted [...]

out November 7th, Entropia: “October is Coming” an electronic trip inside “Ten Days that Shook the World”

Between February and October 1917, [...]

“The man in the movie camera” music by Entropia, first public screening

Announcing proudly that "The man [...]