• New release!! 3Points “Organismic”

    New release!! 3Points “Organismic”

    3Points it’s a connection of three minds aiming to a common target: the constant research in sound of new electronic and electroacoustic timbres and textures in order to achieve experimental and atmospheric soundscapes, featuring both dreamy and vigorous characters. Amsterdam based, 3Points is formed by [...]

  • Out Sept.15th: a new release by Amptek

    Out Sept.15th: a new release by Amptek

    A series of electronic tracks that move through the pulsating grooves of electronic drums towards timbric explorations.A work dedicated to Marx as a visionary, able to decipher the complexities of our society also through the developments of technology and the restructuring of capitalism.The soundtrack of [...]

  • “Fragments” è il nuovo e.p. di Entropia con Vera di Lecce

    “Fragments” è il nuovo e.p. di Entropia con Vera di Lecce

    Un E.P. a quattro tracce. Una collezione di brani elettronici sognanti e ipnotici scanditi dall'originale ed evocativo vocalismo di Vera di Lecce e dalla ricerca sonora di Entropia. Ballate elettroniche contaminate da psichedelia digitale e atmosfere ambientali ispirate alle poesie dell'antico poetessa Saffo. La struttura [...]

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