Eclectic Limited news “Luizar”

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If you missing Eclectic Limited last Ep of Luizar , you can buy at the following stores: Bandcamp: : Beatport: iTunes: Traxsource: Juno: Amazon:

Electronic Blues Foundation works to new video clip for “Digital Bluesman” upcoming album

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Eclectic Productions willl produce new album by Electronic Blues Foundation in March. The group is filming the first video clip extracted from the disc in an abandoned hangar in the countryside around the lake of [...]

Alex Marenga’s new video and new track at Macro Musem for “Wolf Vostell & Contemporary friends”

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Alex Marenga presents his new video clip "Empty" at "Wolf Vostell & Contemporary friends" in MACRO Asilo Museum in Rome, via Nizza in november 23, 2018  

Amptek performed live with video maker Browzan in Macro Museum in Rome

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Alex Marenga (Amptek) in concert with Sainkho Namtchylak and Mauro Tiberi

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Alex Marenga played electronics and guitars in two concerts of siberian singer Sainkho Namtchylak in Rome and Trevignano Romano with Mauro Tiberi in november 2018.    

Entropia Techno Department Live in Berlin @ Arena Club

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