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2404, 2018

new Entropia reviews and interviews

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Prosegue l'attenzione mediatica attorno a "October is Coming". Segnaliamo le ultime interviste e recensioni:  

1704, 2018

New AMPTEK’s E.P. KALI YUGA get out april 30!!

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A new e.p. by Amptek is coming out on Eclectic Productions, the title is "Kali Yuga". Kali Yuga (Devanāgarī: कलियुग [kəli juɡə], lit. "age of Kali", or "age of vice") [...]

2702, 2018

a video by AMPTEK @ Rome ARTROOMS 2018

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A video by Alex Marenga (aka Amptek) will be present in International Contemporary Art Fair for Indipendent Artists ArtRooms 2018 in Rome from 2 to 4 march 2018. The audio [...]

702, 2018

Mila Steiner on Eclectic Codec: Future Past

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Released in January for Eclectic Limited/Codec  Berlin's wondrous Mila Steiner makes her debut on Eclectic with her stunning 4-tracker ''Future Past EP'   Future Past EP  1 1994 (Original Mix) 5:50  2 Uranprojekt [...]

702, 2018

Eclectic Limited 004: Giorgio Gigli……released february 5

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ECLLTD004 is coming very soon featuring 3 spectacularly intelligent gems by the mastermind Giorgio Gigli and a special remix by the fellow genius Samuli Kemppi. It has already gained massive support from world's [...]

702, 2018

Out February 28: New Traditionalists

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The name of this project is inspired by the second album of the legendary Devo, one of the electronic-rock reference groups of the 80s, but the music goes in other [...]