Electronic Blues Foundation live ai Pinispettinati, Roma il 25 luglio 2019

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Electronic Blues Foundation il progetto nel quale convergono le pulsioni del blues e i ritmi digitali dell'elettronica in un appuntamento nel cuore dell'Estate Romana. ingresso 10 euro + 2 tessera con consumazione Digital Bluesman live [...]

Electronic Blues Foundation works to new video clip for “Digital Bluesman” upcoming album

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Eclectic Productions willl produce new album by Electronic Blues Foundation in March. The group is filming the first video clip extracted from the disc in an abandoned hangar in the countryside around the lake of [...]

E96 Various Artis: Post-Human Eclectic Research

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Amptek Invaders (Live At Link 98)Vedskyka Outside Entropia Modular from Cassilde Hell (Live Version) Paolacci Passato Kenny Dahl Warr Gianluca Livi Fujiko Mine, Pt. 2 Adc Romeend Amptek Kali Yuga Entropia Revolution in February (Pietrograd [...]

E95 In.Visible: Fingers (#20 Black Soul Rework)

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singolo di lancio dell'album The Subterranea Sessions 01 Fingers (#20 Black Soul Rework) Jan 14th, 2021

E95 Amptek: Science

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1. Robotica 06:292. Science of Matter 07:183. Science of Energy 03:584. Science of Movement 03:52

E94 European Electronics: Road to the Stars

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1. Yuri Gagarin's First Orbit view2. Road to the Stars view3. Messages from the Outer Space view three analog synthesizer improvisations inspired by spaceflight and in particular yuri gagarin's flight releases December 1, 2020

E93 3points: Organismic

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1. Madness 04:532. Pluk Mountain 10:493. You Dunno 06:424. Danza Ipnotica Parte I 13:105. Danza Ipnotica Parte II 13:01 about Bio 3points:3Points it’s a connection of three minds aiming to a common target: the constant [...]

E92 Amptek: Karl Marx Technofuturist

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1. Plusvalore (Age of Industrialization Version) 05:392. Capitalism in Meltdown 06:003. Poverty of Philosophy 07:284. Plusvalore pt.2 (About the Crisis Version) 04:355. Turbocapitalism Continuum 07:366. Do You Remember Revolution? 04:187. Cybermarxism 03:488. Alienation 08:009. Dynamics [...]

In.Visible “Fingers” out Jan. 14th

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grandi novità con il nuovo anno su Eclectic!! Nuovo singolo di In.Visible su Eclectic Productions anticipa l'album in uscita a febbraio 2021 FINGERS è il nuovo singolo e video firmato da IN.VISIBLE: il musicista piemontese [...]

New release!! 3Points “Organismic”

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3Points it’s a connection of three minds aiming to a common target: the constant research in sound of new electronic and electroacoustic timbres and textures in order to achieve experimental and atmospheric soundscapes, featuring both [...]

Out Sept.15th: a new release by Amptek

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A series of electronic tracks that move through the pulsating grooves of electronic drums towards timbric explorations.A work dedicated to Marx as a visionary, able to decipher the complexities of our society also through the [...]

E91 AMPTEK: Calcanoiz

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1. Calcanoiz 05:12 (bonus) (album version)2. H501L - Calcanoiz (H501L remix) 07:13 3. Mechanic - Calcanoiz (Mechanic remix) 06:14 4. Calcanoiz (Valley version) 05:50 4 Versions of track Calcanoiz from Amptek's album "Mindhacker" 2020 credits [...]