Electronic Blues Foundation live ai Pinispettinati, Roma il 25 luglio 2019

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Electronic Blues Foundation il progetto nel quale convergono le pulsioni del blues e i ritmi digitali dell'elettronica in un appuntamento nel cuore dell'Estate Romana. ingresso 10 euro + 2 tessera con consumazione Digital Bluesman live [...]

Electronic Blues Foundation works to new video clip for “Digital Bluesman” upcoming album

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Eclectic Productions willl produce new album by Electronic Blues Foundation in March. The group is filming the first video clip extracted from the disc in an abandoned hangar in the countryside around the lake of [...]

Two videos from “Tales from Oumuamua” by Entropia

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the videos were made by the painter and sculptress Pamela Ranya on two tracks from Entropia's new ambient album.

Videos from Alex Marenga’s album The End of The History

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Alex Marenga released some videos from his release on Ecletic Productions "The End of The History" recorded in the Nepi medieval church recorded in the ancient romans stadium in Sutri (VT)

a track Amptek made for an unreleased clip

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the track is contained in the Science release published by Eclectic Productions. The piece makes an open reference to the robotic imagery conceived by Kraftwerk and which has now become the patrimony of the entire [...]

E99 Entropia: Tales from Oumuamua

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1. Electromagnetical Landscapes 05:20 2. Cristoforetti's Space Diaries 05:10 3. Unimatrix Zero 06:16 4. Visitors from Another Star 07:22 5. Signals from the Moons of Jupiter 04:50 6. Extraterrestrial Lifeforms in the Woods 07:26 7. [...]

E98 Alex Marenga: The End of The History

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1. Spirit of the Times 04:522. The End of the History 08:443. Catastrofi Annunciate 07:054. Mentalism 05:035. Digital Witchcraft 05:256. Psychotronic Guitars 06:047. Zona Franca 05:288. La Creazione del Vuoto 05:059. Materica 07:2110. The End [...]

E96 (album) In.Visible: The Subterranea Sessions

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Invisible Overture 01:19 The Deepest (Black Soul Rework) 04:24 Fingers (#20 Black Soul Rework) 03:36 Heir of Eternity (Invisible Rework) 05:40 I Marry My Bed 04:42 The Comet (Rework) 04:49 In the Long Run 04:57 [...]

Entropia new album: Tales from Oumuamua

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Nuovo album di Entropia in uscita il 27 aprile. Il disco prende spunto dal famoso oggetto spaziale sconosciuto in transito nel sistema solare indicato con il nome di “Oumuamua” analizzato da vari astronomi nel mondo. [...]

E97 Various Artis: Post-Human Eclectic Research

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Amptek Invaders (Live At Link 98)Vedskyka Outside Entropia Modular from Cassilde Hell (Live Version) Paolacci Passato Kenny Dahl Warr Gianluca Livi Fujiko Mine, Pt. 2 Adc Romeend Amptek Kali Yuga Entropia Revolution in February (Pietrograd [...]

E96 (single) In.Visible: Fingers (#20 Black Soul Rework)

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singolo di lancio dell'album The Subterranea Sessions 01 Fingers (#20 Black Soul Rework) Jan 14th, 2021

E95 Amptek: Science

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1. Robotica 06:292. Science of Matter 07:183. Science of Energy 03:584. Science of Movement 03:52