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E80 – Alex Marenga – Materia

released April 25, 2019  Alex Marenga: Fender and Godin guitars, Dobro, noises, guitar-synthesizer, sound direction.  cover art by Alex Marenga 1. Odissey pt.1 06:53 2. Odissey pt.2 06:22 3. Materia 08:52 4. Burri 04:43 5. Concetto Spaziale 04:32 6. Posizioni nel Tempo pt.3 08:54 7. Disturbing the Peace 04:51 8. The Sound is Here 04:54 Materia is a collection of [...]

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E78 – Electronic Blues Foundation – Digital Bluesman

released March 25, 2019  Laura Desideri: vocals, filtered voices Luca Gallo: electric and resophonic guitars “Amptek” Alex Marenga: drum machines, samples, synths, theremini, noises Dr.Lops: keyboards, analog synthesizers, organ Elisabetta Maulo: vocals on “The Ohio Bridge” 1. The Clever Hounds 04:39 2. The Level 06:48 3. The Boy Commander 08:28 4. Mountain Road 06:34 5. The Ohio Bridge 05:13 6. Oh, it Hurts! 07:12 [...]

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E67- Alex Marenga – Made in Trullo (OST)

Nightpainters 04:08 Murga Dream (Break Version) 04:43 The Poets 04:12 Missing Life 06:29 The Graffiti Wall (Night Version) 02:17 The Walking Man 04:13 Streets of Trullo 02:54 Murga Dream (Visions of Dub) 03:31 The Graffiti Wall (Day Version) 02:02 Nightpainters (Reprise) 04:00 released December 15, 2017  Original Soundtrack from the Movie "Made in Trullo" by Bruno Pace played, composed and [...]

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Electronic Blues Foundation live ai Pinispettinati, Roma il 25 luglio 2019

Electronic Blues Foundation il progetto nel quale convergono le pulsioni del blues e i ritmi digitali dell'elettronica in un appuntamento nel cuore dell'Estate Romana. ingresso 10 euro + 2 tessera con consumazione Digital Bluesman live Il progetto di contaminazione fra blues e musica elettronica, Electronic Blues Foundation, presenta l’album “Digital Bluesman” a Roma nel pieno delle iniziative estive che pervadono [...]

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Alex Marenga “Materia”, an experimental album for guitar and guitar-synths

Alex Marenga's new album was released on Eclectic Productions titled "Materia". Alex is a producer, guitarist, videoartist and has made several albums with various projects dedicated to electronic music such as Amptek, Kinetic Zone, New Traditionalists and collaborations with other musicians in Entropia, Electronic Blues Foundation, Entropia Techno Dept. and more.His music uses technology sounds as digital noises has become [...]

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Electronic Blues Foundation: “Digital Bluesman” new album 2019

Eclectic is pleased to announce the release on all music e-commerce sites in software format and soon in audio CD of the album "Digital Bluesman" of Electronic Blues Foundation.The project, produced by Entropia, aims to recontextualise thesounds of the Blues through a technological point of view. In addition to Amptek and Dr. Lops by Entropia take part in the work vocalist Laura Desideri, the guitarist Luca Gallo as guest the singer Elisabetta Maulo .