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20 Years of ENTROPIA’s music: A Young Person’s Guide to Entropia

"A Young Person's Guide to Entropia" is the title of the retrospective collection released on bandcamp for the twenty years of Entropia's recording career. The title is inspired by a similar operation carried out by King Crimson for a compilation of the late 70s. The collection contains a selection of materials made with the various line-ups that have occurred in [...]

Made In Trullo OST by Alex Marenga out now!!

La colonna sonora del documentario di Bruno Pace sul rinascimento della borgata del Trullo a Roma è in uscita nei migliori negozi on line. Grandissimo lavoro di SOLO per la copertina originale.   Maggiori informazioni sul film qui:  

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E69 – Mauro Tiberi & Amptek: Into The Dark Drones vol.1

format: file, cd release date: december 1, 2017 1. Memories of Darkness 28:01 2. Antimatter Transmission 13:38 3 Message from Outer Space 16:04 4  Into the Nebulae 19:26 5  Alien Broadcast from the Black Hole 12:13   recorded live @ Teatro Il Cantiere 2017

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Eclectic Digital Codec 06: Entropia Techno Department – Carcosa Ep

1. Pazuzu 05:55 2. Industry 06:29 3. Day Tripped 07:09 4. Carcosa 07:00 released November 5, 2017

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Eclectic Digital Codec 04: DS TEO – Solar Architecture

1. Mars 07:21 2. Neptune 06:58 3. Deep Space 05:52 4. Back to Earth 10:10 The extraterrestrial figure DS TEO, joins cosmic techno forces with #Eclectic and delivers the ethereal ''Solar Architecture EP'' which is going to take you for an adventurous journey to the deeper space and back. released July 10, 2017

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E68 (CD) – Entropia – October Is Coming

format: file, cd release date: november 7, 2017 1. The Great War 11:29 2. Revolution in February 07:20 3. The April Theses 10:41 4. The Winter Palace in October 09:07 Amptek Alex Marenga: drum machines, electric bass, electric guitars, samples Dr.Lops: synthesizers, samples Between February and October 1917, in the Russian Empire, devastated by the World War, epochal changes occurred that influenced [...]

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