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Electronic Blues Foundation live ai Pinispettinati, Roma il 25 luglio 2019

Electronic Blues Foundation il progetto nel quale convergono le pulsioni del blues e i ritmi digitali dell'elettronica in un appuntamento nel cuore dell'Estate Romana. ingresso 10 euro + 2 tessera con consumazione Digital Bluesman live Il progetto di contaminazione fra blues e musica elettronica, Electronic Blues Foundation, presenta l’album “Digital Bluesman” a Roma nel pieno delle iniziative estive che pervadono [...]

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Electronic Blues Foundation works to new video clip for “Digital Bluesman” upcoming album

Eclectic Productions willl produce new album by Electronic Blues Foundation in March. The group is filming the first video clip extracted from the disc in an abandoned hangar in the countryside around the lake of Bracciano.

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Out Sept.15th: a new release by Amptek

A series of electronic tracks that move through the pulsating grooves of electronic drums towards timbric explorations.A work dedicated to Marx as a visionary, able to decipher the complexities of our society also through the developments of technology and the restructuring of capitalism.The soundtrack of an Marxism projected into the future

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E91 AMPTEK: Calcanoiz

1. Calcanoiz 05:12 (bonus) (album version)2. H501L - Calcanoiz (H501L remix) 07:13 3. Mechanic - Calcanoiz (Mechanic remix) 06:14 4. Calcanoiz (Valley version) 05:50 4 Versions of track Calcanoiz from Amptek's album "Mindhacker" 2020 credits releases July 30, 2020

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E90 Entropia & Vera di Lecce: Fragments

1. Be Here, by Me 06:01 2. One Girl 05:50 3. Fragments, on the Muses 05:12 4. It's No Use, Mother Dear 05:52 A collection of dreamy and hypnotic electronic tracks punctuated by the Vera di Lecce 's original and evocative vocalism and the sound research of Entropia. Electronic ballads contaminated with digital psychedelia and ambient atmospheres inspired by the [...]

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E89 AMPTEK: Mindhacker

1. Bit Crash 07:02 2. Driller 06:04 3. Code 03:23 4. Amber 05:53 5. Clicked 06:10 6. Overplace 04:54 7. Black Holes in the Sky 05:31 8. Gram 06:26 9. Calcanoiz 05:12 10. Cognitive Disturbance 06:30 released March 9, 2020 produced and composed by Alex MarengaAlex Marenga (Amptek) plays synthesizers, computer editing, drum machines, electric guitars

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E88 Entropia: The Mechanized Mind

1. Parabola 08:56 2. Introspection 06:12 3. Meditation of the Water 12:34 4. Bad Burns 05:36 5. Light Rhythms 05:17 6. Rainshadow 07:26 7. Lens 04:23 8. Spirals 03:02 9. Optical Poem 06:17 10. The Skyscrapers Symphonic Party 11:28 A collection of tracks inspired by surrealist cinema and that was born as a soundtrack of some experimental films. The group [...]

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E87 Entropia: The Mechanized EP

1. Breath 06:12 2. Ex Ax 06:30 3. Above 06:34 4. The Skyscrapers Lounge Party 05:27 Entropia presents an ep with four unreleased tracks that precedes the new album. Pioneers of the crossover between electronics and other musical genres play blending ambient, dub, alternative rock, backtothe, lounge, jazz, Italian soundtracks released February 6, 2020

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