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new Entropia reviews and interviews

Prosegue l'attenzione mediatica attorno a "October is Coming". Segnaliamo le ultime interviste e recensioni:  

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New AMPTEK’s E.P. KALI YUGA get out april 30!!

A new e.p. by Amptek is coming out on Eclectic Productions, the title is "Kali Yuga". Kali Yuga (Devanāgarī: कलियुग [kəli juɡə], lit. "age of Kali", or "age of vice") is the last of the four stages (or ages or yugas) the world goes through as [...]

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a video by AMPTEK @ Rome ARTROOMS 2018

A video by Alex Marenga (aka Amptek) will be present in International Contemporary Art Fair for Indipendent Artists ArtRooms 2018 in Rome from 2 to 4 march 2018. The audio track is from album "Plastic Mother Nature" by Eclectic Productions 2016    The Church Palace Hotel, [...]

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Mila Steiner on Eclectic Codec: Future Past

Released in January for Eclectic Limited/Codec  Berlin's wondrous Mila Steiner makes her debut on Eclectic with her stunning 4-tracker ''Future Past EP'   Future Past EP  1 1994 (Original Mix) 5:50  2 Uranprojekt (Original Mix) 4:58  3 Biohacking (Original Mix) 6:19  4 Evasion (Original Mix) 4:47  

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Eclectic Limited 004: Giorgio Gigli……released february 5

ECLLTD004 is coming very soon featuring 3 spectacularly intelligent gems by the mastermind Giorgio Gigli and a special remix by the fellow genius Samuli Kemppi. It has already gained massive support from world's biggest players and it will land to you, our loyal fans, shortly! Stay tuned! Artist: Giorgio Gigli [...]

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Out February 28: New Traditionalists

The name of this project is inspired by the second album of the legendary Devo, one of the electronic-rock reference groups of the 80s, but the music goes in other directions. A collection of noise-funk and glitch-hop tracks from a new crossover project.   [...]

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