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new video from “October is Coming” by Entropia: The Winter Palace in October  

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Recensione di su Entropia

È un po' come le bambole russe che si infilano una dentro l'altra. Perché dietro ad ENTROPIA c'è AMPTEK, e dietro ad AMPTEK c'è Alex MARENGA, un grande chitarrista che sa anche gestire perfettamente computer, synth e sequencer. In questo album, che risale al 2013, è [...]

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Nov. 7th New Entropia album “October is Coming”

The new Entropia album devoted to the centenary of the October Revolution, inspired by Sergej Michajlovič Ėjzenštejn's "October" movie, is released today in all online shop. "October is Coming" is a suite divided into four sections inspired by four fundamental moments  that led to the Bolshevik [...]

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Into the Dark Drones

Mauro Tiberi e Amptek (Eclectic Productions) presentano:   Into The Dark Drones per fasce sonore e droni ambientali   Mauro Tiberi: contrabasso processato Amptek Alex Marenga: chitarre elettriche trattate   ore 22:30 ingresso a sottoscrizione 5 euro Sabato 11 novembre "Il cantiere" via Gustavo Modena, n°92, [...]

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Amptek & Dr.Lops suoneranno live @ Tim Open Hackathon che si terrà a Milano il 4 e 5 Novembre prossimo.  

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E66 – Alex Marenga – Music For Augmented Guitars (Artist Series)

tracklist: 1.Blues For Electric Guitar 06:23 2.Mental Modes 05:26 3.Narrative Paradigm 05:01 4.Remove Your Ego 11:21 5.Deindividuation 08:49 6.Modern Times 04:14 7.Persuasion Through Dissonance 07:23 8.Changing Minds 05:22 9.Calcium 14:36 credits released October 1o, 2017 Alex Marenga: electric guitars, midi guitars, laptop, effects

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