Alex Marenga ( guitarist , composer , DJ , video maker , producer ) has promoted and participated in various musical and multimedia projects .
With the acronym ” Amptek ” has created a lot of productions of ambient, idm , breakbeat , post-rock and experimental electronic . Amptek recorded first works on Nature Records produced by dj Marco Passarani.
He was part of the historic group of Italian neo – prog “Simmetrie/Symmetries “, collaborated with ” Epsilon Indi ” and “Etruria Criminale Banda “, had many holdings in the jazz -fusion of the 80 Italian.

Member of the experimental group improvisation ” Frammenti di Caos” (1992-95) founded in 1996 the ensemble ” Entropia ” , with which explores the many influences of electronic music , working with some prestigious figures of Italian creative music like Maurizio Giammarco, Mauro Tiberi, Marco Brezza, John B. Arnold, Michael Rosen, Bob Salmieri, Nicola Alesini, Giovanni Di Cosimo, Prince Faster, Mauro Tiberi, Remo Remotti, Christian Muela, Fabrizio Spera, Giona A. Nazzaro, Electric Indigo, Angelina Yershova, Recycle and many more .

In these years he founded others electronic projects like Auto.Vox, Entropia Techno Department, Zyqqurat Vertigo, Zeros and Ones, Kinetic Zone and more.

Conductor and radio author has created and directed format on various issuers in Rome (Italy) .

He has also directed 42 documentaries and interviews on Italian genre cinema published in DVD in Italy and the United States . As videoartist exposed a retrospective of his experimental works at MACRO (Museo di Arte Contemporanea) in Rome in 2015.

He composed soundtracks for film and theater, and is a founding member of the label Eclectic Records / Productions which remains artistic director.
He is one of the animators of the electronic music festival “Calcatronica” , held in Calcata ( VT ) in the month of August and collaborates information portal, music .

Alex Marenga è un compositore, produttore, conduttore radiofonico, chitarrista e videomaker.
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